Saturday, March 22, 2008


Over the past few weeks I have wanted to respond to statements I’ve heard, Letters to the Editor, and news stories on the City Council elections. As some of you know I have become a regular in responding to these stories and letters in the on-line version of the Free Lance Star. However, this medium is rather restrictive (to 512 characters) which limits “discussion” to a series of one-liners.

“Question Everything” was set-up to discuss, in a constructive way, the policy decisions faced by the city and the region. It is about ideas, concerns, addressing those concerns, and through dialogue, come up with the best solutions. It is about governance not politics. To stray into the realm of politics would be counter-productive to the goals of this blog. So to cover the rough and tumble political aspects of our region I’ve started another blog—Into the (Political) Arena.

My new blog will cover politics in the city and region. Unlike this one the only rule for the new blog has to do with not using foul language. Needless to say for the next few months the topic will be the city elections. I’ve included the candidates on the blog list and hope they will chime in from time to time. I am looking forward to some serious partisan discussions.

The new site can be found at:

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